Monday, April 8, 2013

A Walk in the Park

This has been a cold and snowy winter. I haven't been outside much since November. I don't remember being such a hermit when Gavin was born, but for some reason this winter has just seemed too cold for me to have Addison outside other than just to and from the car. She has not been outside yet except for in the snuggly warmth of her car seat. 

This week, however, the sun came out and the snow melted. I needed to get out. This park is the first park I went walking in after Gavin was born, which I thought was a little coincidental. It's a great park for both of us though because there is a long walking path that goes all around the park and in the center is a playground. There is no parking lot and it's set away from any busy streets, so there is really no danger of cars anywhere within the park. There is a big pond for watching ducks or geese and there is a beautiful wild meadow full of birds in the summer and fall. The playground is small, but we get lots of exercise just walking to it from the car. 

(Addison, Me, and Gavin)

In the center of the park is an old school house / town hall building. It would look so much more charming without a port-a-potty in front of it, but it is a neat piece of local history either way. It was moved into this park from it's former location to clear the space for the new town hall to be built.

My sister Carrie and her two kids met us at the park. It's always nice to have someone else to walk with and someone for Gavin to play with! Gavin and Collin had so much fun splashing in the puddles, even though Gavin had decided to wear tennis shoes instead of his rain boots. Collin was all prepared for puddle jumping in his boots, but even he ended up soaking wet! Spring is so much fun!


 Nathan kicked the soccer ball around with Gavin on the grassy hills too. It's awesome for Gavin to have both of them along to play with! 



(Carrie, Nathan, and Collin)

Addison relaxing in her car seat/stroller on her first walk at the park. 


Renee said...

The other night Collin told me all about the 3 big puddles there. Nathan told him he was wrong and there were only two. :)

Kristin said...

Isn't spring great!!?? You all look like you had fun, and Addison looks perfectly content. Btw- I think she has great eyebrows. :)