Sunday, January 13, 2013

Morning Gratitude

Some things I'm loving right now...

I love being the first one up and moving in my house in the morning - it's like a little slice of sweet peace and time for reflection while the day still feels new and anything seems possible. It cracks me up though that at 9:00 AM I'm STILL the only one up. I love having the time to blog or edit photos and just... sit... and enjoy my coffee and the quiet, and the sun coming up.

I love how Crispix cereal magically holds all that milk inside its little hexagons so that when you crunch them the cold fresh milk bursts out. How does the milk get in there, but not leak out??? and why does the milk seem colder when poured over Crispix than in any other cereal?

I love that Cliff apologized to Gavin for yelling at him for breaking his cup even though it really only happened in Gavin's dream. It was real enough for Gavin that he was in his bed sobbing at 3:00AM this morning, so Cliff told him he was sorry for yelling at him in his dream and then they snuggled until Gavin fell peacefully back to sleep.

I love that I finally found a coffee creamer flavor that I like as much as I like French Vanilla. Seriously... All those fancy flavors - Dulce de Leche, Vanilla Caramel, Peppermint, Sugar Cookie, Mocha, Irish Creme, they all taste weird and artificial to me... almost chemical-like. I'm even picky about the brand I use. I don't like the flavor of the International Delight brand, I really only like Coffeemate. But, I finally found a flavor I like as much as, if not more than, French Vanilla. Wanna know what it is? Vanilla Latte! yeah, I know. Way to get out of my comfort zone, eh?

I love my Levana video baby monitor! As I sit here in the big comfy chair by my living room fireplace and I hear Addison gurgling and sputtering a bit, I don't have to get up and go in and check to see if she is choking or if she's ok... I can just confirm by watching the baby monitor that she is just gurgling a little and is fine. What on earth did we do before video baby monitors?... What did we do before even basic baby monitors?... Surely people in the olden days could not sit in their living rooms and blog while their babies slept in the other room!... What?  Are you telling me people didn't blog in the olden days? Well then! That explains it! That is why they didn't need baby monitors! They just sat and held their babies all day long.

I love that Cliff muttered a sleepy offer to change Addison's third poopy diaper in a matter of 20 minutes after I had just finished completely changing her clothes and rinsed everything out and had it soaking in the sink because her second poopy diaper escaped up her back inside her onesie, through her jammie's, and on to her sleep sack, and how he waited until I already had her up on the changing table and was undressing her and how he said "I can change her if you want me to" but didn't move an inch or even open his eyes. Not! I do not love that. I am being sarcastic. I do not love that I change 90% of the diapers here, do all of the baths, and all of the getting dressed/changed, but I love my family and I do love having it done my way, so maybe it's best that I do it myself.  :)

I love that although it is a whopping 4 degrees outside my house right now, it's a cozy 73 degrees inside the house. Thanks to Cliff for keeping the fireplace in the basement going and for hauling in wood last night when it was a balmy 7 degrees.

I love that we have good friends with which to watch the Packers lose (ouch!) and that Cliff played along with Gavin's obsession with face paint and painted Gavin and Sloane's faces for the big game! The kids actually thought the face-paint made them superheroes, which was even better!

 (cracks me up that Gavin is so stand-offish already when being hugged! He has this look whenever another kid - especially the girls - try to hug him)

Awwwww... And I love that a warm little boy with wonderfully smelly morning breath in Scooby-do pajamas just climbed into my lap for a snuggle (at 9:30AM)!

Gotta run. Snuggles take priority!

Back with just a couple of photos...

I love, love, love it when he wants to snuggle her and hold her. It melts my heart!

Sunday morning on the couch watchin a little TV. Love his bare feet and holy jeans and the floor FULL of action figures. 

Like how he's in his bare feet and I'm in my warmest, furriest slippers? Yeah, I know you so can't tell what this picture is, but it's my furry slipper. I had accidentally taken the picture with my iPad while I had it sitting in my lap, but then I saw that it showed that I was wearing my furry slippers, so here you go!

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Renee said...

So Addison wasn't why you were up at 3am this morning. I woke up before 9:00, and said no way, and went back to sleep until almost 10am. I didn't fall asleep until 4:30 though.