Friday, October 26, 2012

Gavin's Quilt

I love Gavin's room. (Never mind the clown make-up he's wearing. That's another story).  Even before this room was his, it was my favorite space in our house. It was our spare room / my home office / and my scrapbooking room. It was always clean, it was painted bright and cheerful and the sun was always shining brightly through the south-facing windows. As a little boy's room it's a cheerful and fun space. It's full of toys and books and photos of fun times and smiles and creative kids' artwork. It's a little crowded and a little messy for it to be my favorite space in our house now, but I love it. I love it for his room. I love it for the fun and happy space that it is.

We built Gavin's headboard back in May of 2010 when we updated his room to be better suited for a toddler in a big boy bed. At the time, I bought a cute and inexpensive striped comforter for his bed, but didn't love the quality of it and grew a little tired of the browns and tans in it. It was fine, but the stripes seemed to look increasingly chaotic when combined with all of the toys and books and knick-knacks he had collected over time. Eventually I found a better quality, solid-colored comforter for his room, but again it was brown. It works, but it's pretty dark. 

One of my very best friends Carrie, started quilting a few years ago and has made me some really beautiful gifts including a gorgeous Christmas Tree skirt and a fun and charming table runner and coordinating pot holders. I love everything Carrie makes and have loved the quilts she has made for my sister's babies, her niece, her Mom, and her friend's grand-daughter.  

She told me recently that she was making a quilt for Gavin. That she wanted him to have one since all the other babies have one and she thought it would be fun to do a "boy" quilt. She told me it wasn't babyish and that it had tractors and dirt-bikes and trucks and toads and all those boy things he loves. I couldn't really picture it, but I knew I loved everything she has made, so I just didn't even try to imagine it.

It's a good thing because I never could have imagined how special it is or how much Gavin would love it. Carrie brought it over a week ago and gave it to Gavin. She laid it out on his bed for him to look at.

I warned Carrie that Gavin probably wouldn't be very appreciative as lately when we try to do something nice for him or give him something special or surprise him, he frowns and says "not even nice" or "I don't like it even a little bit". I didn't want her to take it personally and wanted to make sure she knew that he is just in this phase where he says that.


He LOVES it! He immediately loved it. He studied every "picture" on the quilt and talked about it and explained to us how it was something that he loved. He pointed out the motorcycles that were like Daddy's motorcycle and the tires that were like tractor wheels and the dirtbikes that were like his dirtbike and the tools that were like the tools Daddy uses and the Combine that was like the combine we use on the farm and the "Farmall" truck that is like his toy "Farmall" truck, and the diggers that are just like the diggers on Gold Rush, etc.  


Carrie had suggested to me ahead of time that if it didn't work on Gavin's bed or he didn't like it or he outgrew it, we could always just use it for a picnic blanket or a blanket to keep in the car or something. There is no way this quilt is leaving his bed. We couldn't love it any more than we do. It's beautiful. More beautiful than you could imagine tractors and eagles and motorcycles could be. We especially love the yellow chicken-wire binding and the adorable green backing. Gavin hugs it and snuggles it at night and straightens it out in the morning.

What a lucky boy he is. What a beautiful quilt this is. What a generous friend we have.

Is this not PERFECT in his room?

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