Thursday, September 6, 2012

In the Driver's Seat

Here are a few pictures from this summer...

a random sampling of pictures, if you will, of what Gavin (and the rest of us) have been up to...

Practicing steering the old "B" with Daddy

Pretending to drive the Bobcat at my sister Kathy's farm.

Riding along in the 4240 to water cattle with his cousin Anna.

 Riding a dirtbike "solo" since Dad couldn't keep up!

 In the side car beside Dad - one of Gavin's favorite places to be

 Enjoying a ride on the OLD lawnmower while Grandpa Jennings pulls him around with the one that runs!

 Cruising around the yard on the mini bike with Dad on a warm summer night

 Competing (and winning first place for his age group) in the Pedal Tractor Pull at the Threshing Bee!

 Checking out the antique tractors at the St. Croix Valley Collector's Association's Threshing Bee

 Riding the GP with cousin Hannah and Dad in the tractor parade at the Threshing Bee 


So... is it just me or does anyone else see a theme here???

This child will get behind the wheel of anything with a motor! 
It's an extra bonus if it either says "John Deere" or has only two wheels...

...even if it's pink and purple.  

It must be in his blood...

Seriously... the boy is half farmer and half motor-head.
If we get behind a stinky vehicle on the highway, he sniffs and says "I wuv the smell of 'zost' (exhaust)". He says the same thing when you drive past a cattle farm, "I wuv the smell of cow poop. It smells soooo good!"  

That's our boy!


Renee said...

That boy... He is a very lucky boy to have these experiences.

Erin J said...

I know! He is a really lucky boy, but we also give him a lot of responsibility. So far, he's shown us he can handle it!