Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Funny Things He Says

     Gavin is in my bedroom quietly watching Peter Pan when I hear a great big thud come from that direction. I listen...  no crying. He must have kicked the headboard or something. I go back to what I'm doing... then another loud thud...
     "Gavin? What are you doing?"

     Gavin responds very matter of factly, "Fwying off the bed. I'm practicing my fwying wessons."
He walks out to the living room, tilts his head, and says, "Mom, it's hard for me to fwy, but I'm practicing on my fwying lessons."

     "Really. Are you getting any better at it?"

     "Not yet. My arm kinda hurts. It takes a wotta practice!"

     I send myself texts sometimes of funny things he says. Since I almost always have my phone handy, it's the best way I've found to record some of these priceless phrases. Here's a few more I've texted to myself recently...

     To our dog Drake, who loves on Gavin so much, Gavin often pushes him away...
"Drake, don't eat me and wick me. I know you're just tryin to kiss me cause you wike me, but it feels wike you're eatin me."

     When Gavin gets up in the morning lately, he lays down on the floor by our dog Drake and pets him and rests his head on him. The other morning, after sitting with Drake for awhile, Gavin says to Drake,
"Well Drake, I think Moses pwobwy wants some wuvin too, so I'm gonna go give Moses some wuvin."

     Gavin sang this lovely song to me in his soft, high-pitched, sweet little 3-yr old singing voice...
"Mary lamb didn't have a sheep until she went to the store... and Mary said 'I found a merry lamb'."

     "Mom, when I grow up I wanna be a conductor that drives the trains, and a astronaut so I can ride in a spaceship, and a Dad. I really wanna be a Dad."

     In a conversation with my sister Laura about Plants vs. Trees, Gavin says to Laura:
"Trees have green hearts on them and camoflauge lines"

     Gavin has been working toward earning his very own dirtbike by going to bed on his own with no complaints. He had to go to bed well for 30 nights, but we had smaller rewards along the way (every 5 nights) to keep him interested. The smaller rewards were each pieces of safety gear for dirt-biking. Most of them we bought used online so they would show up in the mail or via UPS or FedEx. On the day he had made it 29 nights, we pulled into the driveway after preschool and he says...
     "Mom, I wonder if there is any mail?"
     "Why? Are you expecting something?" I asked.
     "Yes, I'm spectin my dirt bike"
Totally cracked me up! I'm not sure exactly how he thought the dirtbike itself was going to fit in the mail, but it was pretty darn cute! He even told Cliff that he thought it would come in a box and we would have to put all of the parts together!

     In preparation for Gavin starting preschool we've been working on having him... attend to his bathroom duties on his own, if you know what I mean. He goes on his own, but up until now, in order to keep messes to a minimum, we've continued to help him wipe when he's finished. We use the handy toddler wipes just to make sure everything is extra clean. Knowing he wouldn't have "help" in the bathroom at preschool, we have been having him give it a try on his own and then we check to make sure he got it all. Cliff calls it the "Mr. Murphy touch-up" because one of our friends (Mr. Murphy) refers to it as a touch-up when he does it for his kids. Now Gavin calls it the Mr. Murphy touch-up too, which always cracks me up! The other day, Gavin had been in the bathroom and he came out into the living room and announced proudly...
"Mom, I wiped myself SOOO good! I feeled my butt cheeks all over and they're not even poopy! You didn't even have to help me!"
I was too afraid to check! I did check his hands though and he had certainly washed them well. They were as clean as can be! Later on, when helping him get ready for bed, it became all too clear to me that he sure could have used a Mr. Murphy touch-up! Thank goodness for Oxy-Clean in the laundry!

and lastly, on a lighter, less poopy note...

     Gavin and I were in the floral section of our grocery store, picking out some birthday balloons for his friend's birthday, when he noticed that the whole floral section was decorated in a Hawaiian Luau theme. His mind didn't go to Hawaiian Luau, however... He just noticed the grass skirt on the front of the counter, and said to me...

"Mom, why is this table camoflauged? Because these people are goin' huntin?"

That's our boy!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh how cute!! I think it's awesome that you are writing these down! It will be so fun to look back at them someday ;)