Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Little Biker Boy

While I was out of town last weekend, Cliff and Gavin were busy doing all kinds of fun things. They hung out with my brother and his kids Friday night at my brother's house, they went in to our small town on Saturday morning and fed the ducks on the river that runs through town, and the most exciting part of the weekend - Gavin learned how to ride a bike! (with training wheels)

A friend of ours gave us this bike a couple of years ago, knowing that someday Gavin would be ready for a bike. I admit that I didn't think it would happen this year, when Gavin is only three. I assumed he'd be five or six when he rode a real bike for the first time, at least four for sure. This bike belonged to our friend's son and now it has made Gavin the happiest boy in town!

"Mom, can I wide just a widdo wongoo pwease?

Cliff brought the bike from the shed into the garage and tied a rope to the front of it. He let Gavin sit on the bike and get a handle on steering while Cliff pulled him around with the rope. After doing that for awhile, he took the rope off and let Gavin work on pedaling in a straight line from one end of the garage to the other. At first Gavin only wanted to go in one direction, since the slight slope of the garage floor made the bike a little wobbly as it teetered from one training wheel to the other. After a full day of practicing though, he had gained a LOT of confidence!

We brought the bike from the garage into the basement on Sunday night, so Gavin could keep riding and have more space since both of our vehicles were now parked in the garage.

Here is a video of Gavin riding his bike in the basement! He loves to ride as fast as he can past us and "blow" us over with the wind he thinks he creates. He keeps saying to us "I bet you didn't even know a fwee-year- ode could wide a bike!"

We always knew he'd be a biker, but whenever I thought of it, I imagined him on a motorcycle. I'm so glad he is as excited about riding his pedal bike as he is about riding in the sidecar on the motorcycle! I can't wait for this spring when we can all go out for a pedal bike ride together and he can be on his own bike instead of in the bike trailer! So much fun!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my cuteness! He looks so proud! Great way to keep him busy during the cold winter months :-)