Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Late Summer Evening on the Farm

Waking up to 50 degrees in the morning (44 this morning) reminds me that summer is nearing its end. The anticipation of that unmistakable smell of fall, a rainbow colored carpet of leaves on the lawn, and those magnificent harvest sunsets excites me, but I will miss summer. I already miss summer and it's really not even gone yet. There is a frost warning tonight for our area. We've had such an unusually warm summer, that the idea of a frost already doesn't seem possible. We've been closing the windows and doors late at night this week, since the chilly air is settling in before we settle in to bed. I love these nights. I love snuggling down in the covers in bed. I love the cooler evenings, but I am not ready for winter. I hope this fall takes its time and stays awhile. I hope the colors come slowly and stay late. I hope the days stay warm for a while yet, even if the nights are cool.

One recent perfect night, I needed to get outside. I needed to soak up this weather. The corn in the fields is about 7' tall and is just starting to dry out. It's looking great. This is the view up our road from our house.

I hadn't had my bicycle out yet this summer. It was still hanging in the shed from last summer. So, that night we got my bike out along with the trailer we had picked up at a garage sale last spring. We pumped up the tires, dusted off the trailer and washed the bike with the hose. I wiped my bike down and lubricated the chain, wheels and brake cables. Gavin was so excited to ride in his trailer!

We rode up and down our road a couple of times. By the end of our ride, the sun was going down and the sky was magnificent. I stopped to snap a couple of photos. The first time I stopped Gavin waited patiently for me to take a couple of pictures and then get going again. After the third stop though, he quickly grew impatient, saying "Mom, go! Go fast Mom!"

I rode into our driveway just before dark. The morning glories had closed for the day, hiding their brilliant purple petals and revealing only a swirling glimpse of their morning glory.

I can't wait to start taking pictures of the leaves on our sugar maples as they begin to turn, revealing what can only be found this once a year and only in these special, beautiful few states in our country.

Welcome autumn,
harvest moon.
Welcome the cool night's chill.
Welcome colors,
of the maple trees.
A happy welcome, fall.