Monday, June 27, 2011

"Cruze-In" On A Sunday Afternoon

Where did I get that awesome old photo of River Falls' Main Street back in it's hey-day, you ask? Well, I just snapped that picture a few weeks ago! I know, I know I'm an amazing time traveler! No, really though. I did just take this snapshot of Main Street just a few weeks ago at the "Cruze-In", a free event featuring classic and custom cars and motorcycles. There is no judging and no entry fees or spectator fees - it's just a bunch of people who like their cars or motorcycles hanging out on Main Street. They can come and go as they please, although most stayed all afternoon. We rode my motorcycle into town with the sidecar on it and parked it with the other motorcycles that were there for viewing. We walked up and down Main Street over and over and had so much fun!  

We saw lots of people we knew, including our friend Kevin who was there showing his car. Gavin loved his daughter Sonya, who is... maybe 13? She came on her roller blades and Gavin kept calling them skateboards. Who knows where he even heard of skateboards, but he kept saying "I wike dat girl waywing katebodes". After we said goodbye to them, he kept asking us where the girl with the skateboards went. It was pretty cute. We also saw some other friends from our motorcycling group. The best part for Gavin, I think, was this fancy blue race car. The sweetest couple owned thsi racecar and actually came up and told us that Gavin could sit in it if he wanted to. He was so excited to sit in a real race car! They even gave him a photo of the racecar on the track to take home with him as a souvenir! It was so special!  

We can't wait to do this again! It happens the third Sunday of the month throughout the summer, so July 10th and Aug 14th are the next dates. So much fun stuff coming up... River Falls Days, Tractor Pulls, Parades, Oh my!  

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