Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

Laying in bed together on a Saturday morning...

     Gavin: I wike yo wong eow, Mom.
                 (I like your long ear, Mom.)

     Me: Thanks, buddy.

     Gavin: Tanks. It's nice and woam.
                (Thanks. It's nice and warm.)

     Me: You're funny.

     Gavin: Tanks.

Getting in the car to go to daycare one morning...

Gavin: Can I dwive aday?
            (Can I drive today?)

     Me: No buddy, you can't drive today. Who gets to drive?

     Gavin: Ony gwown-ups dwive a cow.
                 (Only grown-ups can drive the car.)

     Me: That's right, only grown-ups.

     Gavin: When I gwo up and you gwo down, den you can sit in a back seat and I can sit in a dwivo seat?
                 (When I grow up and you grow down, then you can sit in the back seat and I can sit in the  
                 driver's seat?)

     Me: Yes, Gavin. When you're grown up, you can sit in the driver's seat.

     Gavin: and when you ow gwown down den you can sit in a back seat.
                 (and when you're all grown down, you can sit in the back seat.)

As my niece R is helping him out of the car at a restaurant for breakfast after church on Sunday. (I may not have all of the words exactly ver batim in this story, but you'll get the gist)

     R: Here Gavin, I'll help you out.

     Gavin: I'm afwaid.
                 (I'm afraid.)

     R: What are you afraid of?

     Gavin: I'm afwait a cawy animo is gonna eat me.
                 (I'm afraid a scary animal is going to eat me.)

     R: I don't think there are any animals in this parking lot to be afraid of. I'll protect you.

     Gavin: You wiw keep me safe.
                  (You will keep me safe.)

When my Mom was watching the boys at my sister's house and she reminded him that they need to pick up his cousin's toys outside before they go back in the house.
     Grandma: We need to pick up Nathan's toys before we go in.
     Gavin: Yeah, because if we don't, he wiw be disappointed.
                  (Yeah, because if we don't he will be disappointed.)
As we were walking up to my niece's soccer game, Gavin noticed a woman laying in the grass on the hillside at the park. 
Gavin: Hey Mommy, dat man is tipped ovo!
            (Hey Mommy, that man is tipped over!)
Me: That lady is laying down, isn't she.  
Gavin: Yeah! He's tipped ovo!
             (Yeah! He's tipped over!)
Every time Gavin sees me wearing jewelry...
Gavin: I wike yo pwitty neckwiss, Mom.
            (I like your pretty necklace, Mom.)
Me: Thank you, sweetheart. That's a nice compliment.
Gavin: Tanks!
Some of the other funny things he says... 

When he is in a good mood, he tells people they are his best friend. Just last night at Buffalo Wild Wings, he turned to my niece R who is... 13? and said "Yo mine best fwend." And last weekend he was asking if we would be seeing my other niece G who is... 12? and he said "See's mine best fwend."
Isn't that the sweetest thing?
And when he is acting grouchy, he furrows his eyebrows and says "You can't come at mine house any mo."
I only wish I could capture it all and save it away on a little microchip for someday. As soon as I turn on a video camera, no matter how inconspicuous I try to be, he stops talking. 
His language is changing every day. I remember when his Thank You went from "Way-koo" to "Tanks". And when "You" used to be "ooo". 
Oh what funny things come out of that sweet little mouth. Funny, ...even when he pronounces all of the words correctly... funny because they are thoughts too big or too advanced or too naive for a two-year old. Thoughts so simple and plain, like "I like your pretty necklace". or "This sure is a pretty nice car, Mom."

Just last night, when my Mom was getting ready to go home after watching Gavin and his little cousin C at my house, Gavin said to my mom, "Thanks Grandma, for putting my red boots on and thanks for putting my raincoat on and thanks for putting my hat on so I could go outside and play today."

He can be so stinkin' nice sometimes!

...and sometimes not...
It wasn only minutes later that he and his little cousin C were both in his room and we suddenly heard C screaming and Gavin frantically saying "sorry" and more screaming. When we went in the room to check things out, it appeared that Gavin had C in a choke-hold. Of course, we asked Gavin to let go and then asked what happened. Gavin told us that he pushed C over and then said sorry and was trying to pick him back up (by his neck) and saying sorry. I think the screaming actually started when Gavin tried to "help him up".

Sad, but kinda funny too.


Renee said...

I was a little confused my the two "niece R"s I knew which one was me thoughm especially when you said the other one was 13.

Even when he is not being nice, some of the things he says makes me laugh. Then there are times when he says things like, " I have idea, I could put ice cweam on your head!"

KristinRose24 said...

He makes me giggle:)