Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let's Polka!

I have these two friends... you know, the go-to girlfriends that you call when you want to do something crazy silly, need help cleaning out your closet, or desperately need a latte on a particularly dreadful day. These girls are my bones, they're the ones who keep me upright.
It had been awhile since the three of us had spent a night out on the town. We wavered between wanting to just sit down someplace dark and quiet for pasta and a couple of bottles of wine and wanting to whoop it up a little and go out dancing or something. We met at C's house to "get ready".

I actually ended up wearing what I had worn to work that day. It was casual Friday, so I had just worn a favorite pair of comfy jeans and a gray long sleeved tee under a black knit short-sleeved top. It was my "I'm SO not dressing up, but I'm not wearing a high school theater program t-shirt either" look.

C & K looked adorable as usual. Especially in this charming "let me just test the camera" shot, don't you think?

I love how this photo shows these two as my bookends. Like they're what hold me together.

And of course, you can't have a trio of ladies all dressed up and not do a Charlie's Angel's pose, right?

We started off with dinner at Sarna's. Yum. When our server took our order, there were three minutes of happy hour left, so we ordered a few drinks right away, before we missed the great deals!

We weren't quite sure what we wanted to do after dinner... head back to C's for dessert and wine? Stop in at the Sample Room? We happen to drive by Gasthof's... score! It was polka night! Awesome suggestion, C! We made our way past the bouncers at Gasthof's and I'll admit that they seemed a little out of place in this German family-restaurant. Even the dance floor in the basement was low-key with just a few blue-hairs dancing and prancing their way around the floor to the polka music.

But somewhere in the night, we found our niche. It felt like we were back in Munsingen Germany, drinking our German beer, listening to the band, and dancing the night away.

See? Here's me! Having a grand ol' time!

and I'm not sure I even WANT to know what K is saying to C in this one! I can just imagine...

But do you know what? Before we knew it, the dance floor looked like this. The lovely polka dancers had apparently headed home and the crowd was getting louder and a little wilder. It was so much fun. We were having a great time and finally decided we were ready to settle in for the night, so we headed back to C's living room for a couple more hours of chit-chat! Oh, I hadn't stayed up that late in ages.  

Who knew that a nice dinner out with my girlfriends would end in a german restaurant singing german songs, tipping our steins in a toast, and dancing to polka music???

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Dana said...

Funny story about that place... I went to a friend's Rap show there a few months ago. It REALLY felt out of place to walk through the restraunt and head down to a Rap show...