Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Last weekend, we played bingo with some friends at our local American Legion. I'm not lying! And I promise, we're only in our 30's.  It's good, clean fun!

Here's Cliff and Me sporting our multitude of bingo cards.

Bingo was scheduled to begin at 6:30. We arrived at 5:45 and the place was packed. They were making announcements to claim your seat before buying your tickets / cards if you haven't already because they were going to have to start turning people away. There were eight of us friends playing and we were saving seats for the last two. They made an announcement that there would be no "saving of seats". 

  It was intense.

Look at the faces on these people!

Stacy and Missy kept the mood light with their bright and friendly smiles! What awesome bingo partners!

I kept the mood light with something else!

That image is deceiving. These are bloody mary's. Bloody mary's are usually thick and dark red. Yep, I'm pretty sure these were mostly alchohol! I had to share one of them with Missy because they were a leeetle too strong and I had three of them lined up on the table! Hey, we were told to stock up before bingo started because once the game started you couldn't really afford to leave your seat until the intermission!


On the left here are our $1.00 daubers from the bingo hall... er um... Legion. 

On the right, you can see the tricked out purple glitter dauber with a sparkling purple jeweled cap that the woman next to me was sporting! Hmmm... not sure what it is, but something tells me she's been here before... 
Her bingo cards looked so much prettier than mine.

I can't wait to play again!!!!


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Dreams and Designs said...

SOOO fun, love it!!! Did you win anything? Man, I need a purple glitter Bingo plotter...