Monday, October 4, 2010

Widdo Fow-Mo

A few days ago, we were dressing to go someplace and I grabbed a hat for Gavin, like we always do when we head out. He's very fair skinned and didn't have much hair at all until just a couple of months ago. So, if it's cool out, he wears a stocking cap and if it's warm out, he wears a sun hat / fishing hat / beach hat. Well, I grabbed one of his hats and he stopped in the door way and said "no, diss one. widdo fow-mo" pulling a beige colored hat with navy blue trim off the hook. I understood that he wanted the other hat, but I wasn't sure what else he was saying. He put it on top of his head and said again, "widdo fow-mo". He was saying, "Little Farmer". Someone at some point must have told him that he looks like a little farmer in that hat. He was very proud of that. Every time I looked at him, he said "widdo fow-mo" and grinned a sweet and slightly devious grin. What a charming little farmer he is!

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