Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ice Cream

What happens when you put an almost two-year old in the back seat of the car with a chocolate ice cream cone?

When my sister Carrie and I were on our way home from the pig roast at Beaver Valley a couple of weekends ago, we stopped in Stillwater, MN for ice cream cones. If you've ever been to Stillwater on a weekend, particularly a Sunday afternoon, you know what a crazy idea this was. Stillwater is a quaint river town known for it's specialty boutiques, antique stores, charming restaurants, and PEDESTRIANS. Carrie pulled over (in a no parking zone) on a side street and entertained the two little ones (mine and hers) while I ran up to main street and got in line to order ice cream through the window of a popular mom & pop ice cream shop. After ordering, I waited about 10 minutes on the sidewalk with about 25 other people for our three cones. One for me, one for Carrie, and one for Gavin. Collin's too little for a whole cone of his own.

I wasn't sure what to get Gavin, as they didn't have a huge selection of flavors. I just got chocolate. I hurried back to the car with our cones and handed the chocolate one to Gavin through the back car window. Other than having to remind him not to eat the paper, I didn't need to help him much at all! He did really well! Carrie's car didn't have a single drip or smear of ice cream on it. Gavin and his car-seat were a different story. Gavin played outside for a bit before heading right into the bathtub and the car-seat got a good scrub-down in the kitchen.

  What a sweet, sticky, chocolatey mess he was. He was absolutely delicious!


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oh, i love it!

Kristin said...

You're a lot braver than I would be!!! What a good boy.