Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Photos

Thank you to every man and woman who has fought for our freedom. We honor you today. We are thankful every day for your sacrifice.

Lowering our flag to half-staff in remembrance.

Waiting for the parade to begin, listening to the River Falls High School marching band, and awaiting the arrival of our veterans carrying our flag.

The ceremony at Greenwood Cemetery. There were hundreds of people present and the speeches were increadibly moving. The music brought tears to your eyes. The soldiers' salutes gave you goosebumps on a 85 degree day. Gavin made friends with many dogs and many kids (and boy scouts) made friends with Drake.

Walking back to our car after the ceremony on this hot, sunny morning. The marching band in their long pants and long sleeved uniforms, carrying heavy instruments, kept on playing. They played as they walked back to their buses and each band member only stopped playing as they boarded the bus two blocks from the cemetery.

God Bless America

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Big Sis said...

Looks like a terrific day! Thank you for going and showing your support when some of us couldn't. You changed your post! The first time I read it you were thanking soldiers and there wasn't any text under the photos.