Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Late Night Rambling

I work on the 7th floor of a remodeled department store building in Minneapolis. The views of street level aren't exactly breathtaking, but you can see for miles and when the sun shines, we're at a prime height to soak it all in. I work in a sea of cubicles. It's a cube sea nation. There are five cubicles per row, roughly six rows per section, and six sections per floor. Maybe more rows per section in some sections than in mine. Anyway, it is a sea of cubes, but thankfully, there are LOTS of windows. The entire center of the building was cut out and removed and replaced with windows from the basement level to the top of the ninth floor. A lot of beautiful sunlight comes in through that center atrium. It means that you're only ever a maximum of five cubes away from natural light. Some days, you just have a need to get up and walk to the window... close your eyes and soak up the sunlight.

So, why oh why would they post a sign at each external window that says "do not raise the blinds"? Yes, that is what the sign says. The blinds are not to be raised. Granted, the slats can be "opened", but they can't be raised. One reason may be that they act as a protective screen from flying broken glass if there were to be a freak accident like an elephant or a cow flying through the window. Hey, Tornados can cause such unlikely events! Another reason may be that they just don't want to "wear out" the functionality of the blinds. You know, in case someday they decide to let us open them. They want to be sure they'll still open. Who knows. I can tell you though... today was one of the longest Mondays and I really think I just needed to get outside. I needed to open those blinds and feel sunshine on my face! Tomorrow, I will go for a walk!

I know this is an unusual and erratic post. I'm trying to share thoughts and do eleven dozen other things at the same time...

It's hard for me to justify writing a post, when I don't have photos to share with you, but I'm trying to do so more often. I have a few thoughts each day that I consider writing here, sharing with you - but after some debate I determine that they're not fitting for this blog. They're either untimely, meaning that by the time I get a chance to write about them, the moment has passed - I've found the answer to my question, I've contemplated it to death and it's no longer relevant or it just doesn't seem to make sense at that time. Or sometime's they're not a "story" or an "event", but just a random thought that seems more fitting for someplace like Twitter. I don't tweet, so those random thoughts (or tweets) stay in my head instead of making it here to you. These are thoughts such as "note to self, don't wear backless sandals on a rainy day" or "the sky is so blue today it looks like the ocean". Those won't grab your attention, don't tell you any more about me, my life, my family, or my experiences, and likely don't provoke any deep and profound thought on your part. So, I just leave them out. That just means that sometimes I don't post for weeks.

I also feel more and more like this blog is a play by play of my daily activities and centers solely on Gavin's life. You may be saying "duh" or you may be saying "hey yeah, it sort of does". The fact is, there is not all that much more to my life right now than Gavin's life. He is 1 1/2 and is the center of our lives. He rules the roost. That phrase may make you cringe. You may be saying to yourself, "shame on them for letting their toddler rule the household. He should know who is boss. He should learn to play on his own, to entertain himself." You see though, this life is just the way I want it. Gavin doesn't make the rules, but we try to make it as easy as possible for him to follow them. He eats healthy foods, he plays outside A LOT, he plays in his own imaginative way, and although we don't get to runa round like we used to do having all sorts of fun with our friends, fun on our motorcycles, fun at the bar, etc. We have all sorts of fun at home, watching a miracle take place. We watch our little boy learn, discover, and grow. We watch him carry a fistful of sand at a time from the sand pile over to our dog 40 feet away, one fistful at a time, back and forth, back and forth, because he enjoys it. He might think that Drake wants the sand, he might think Drake will eat the sand, maybe he thinks it will feel funny in Drake's toes. I don't know why he does it, but he does and he has fun doing it, one fistful at a time. We watch him splash his hands in the bird baths, getting wet up to his armpits and down to his knees. He pulls grass out of the lawn and puts it in the water in the birdbath, filling the birdbath to the top with leaves and grass, one fistful at a time. Then he takes it all back out, sopping wet, one fistful at a time. He is learning. This little boy who was just a squirmy little critter who couldn't even roll over just a year and a half ago to a beautiful, funny, creative little boy. We love to watch him grow. It's a miracle right in front of our eyes. He has at least 13 teeth now, maybe more. Last time I counted it was 13 and a half, but it's nearly impossible to get him to open his mouth far enough to see them all! He runs all over the place and rarely falls down. He has been eating on his own with a fork and spoon for months and months now and only makes a big mess with a few food items, but hates having any food on his face and always tried to clean it up himself. He says lots of words, including, Mommom (mom), Dot (dad), Picko (pickle), Ticka (tickle), Toes (toes), Now (meow), Top (stop), Ow and Outs (ouch), Oshj (orange), and Ohse (horse). Rock, Duck, Truck, and Stuck all sound very similar, but he does say all four. Truck sounds more like "dluck". He also says Wawa (water), Hot (hat and hot), Bup (poop), and his all time favorite words are no, and nope. He also loves to make animal noises including cats, sheep, dog, and elephant. He's just so darn much fun these days!!!

Sorry for the random babbling post! I think it's time for bed!!!

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