Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Finally Friday

Today is Friday. Feels like it's been a long week. This morning on the radio they played the top ten list of country songs about vehicles as selected by the listeners. It was a fantastic playlist including such songs as "455 Rocket", "Riding with Private Malone" (tears), "One Piece at a Time" and "Mud on the Tires". It was the perfect mix for a sunny Friday morning ride. Of course, it would have been more enjoyable if I was just out driving along the great river road or perhaps garage saling, rather than going to work, but I'll take it!

The morning sped by, and I'm now enjoying a quick lunch break before a 12:30 meeting. I'm hoping I might be able to finish up a little early this afternoon as I have exciting plans tonight. I'm meeting a friend to go to a quilt shop. I'm not a quilter, but she is making her first quilt and even though I'm not a quilter, I do LOVE fabric, especially quilt fabrics! It's an addiction. I love the designs, the pattern of fabrics, just like I love the designs of specialty craftpapers and wallpaper. I think designing is my calling. Oops, I missed it. I'm looking forward to the evening with my friend, just hanging out, meandering through the quilt shop. I'm so going to enjoy it! Enjoy YOUR weekend!

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