Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Their Little Project

When Gavin was born, I was worried that he'd be the one child / grandchild with no cousin's his age. Most of my cousins are quite a bit older than me and Cliff's family is the same way. Some of my cousin's who I'm closest to are actually 'cousins-once-removed' or my cousins' kids.

I have nieces and nephews in their 20s and the youngest niece or nephew was 7 years old when Gavin was born. 7 years isn't a huge difference, but I can't really imagine a five year old and a twelve year old exploring the woods together, or going fishing together, or getting into trouble together. A year or two of difference is no big deal, but seven years is a big difference when you're a kid. Take an 11 year old and an 18 year old. Very, very different lives, different interests, different points of view. And then, like a miracle, my sister Carrie had a baby. Gavin and baby Collin are 13 1/2 months apart. They'll have so much fun together. My only hope was that my younger sister Kristin would have a baby sometime soon too, because surely Gavin and Collin needed another playmate.

Turns out, Kristin and Tim have been working on a little project! Their little boy or girl is just a tiny peanut of a miracle right now, but sometime around September, I'll be sharing some new baby pics!

Can't wait to meet the newest little family wonder.

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