Thursday, February 18, 2010


Fresh snow in the early morning:

A fresh, fluffy white snow is magical, just as a warm glowing sunset is magical. When the two find eachother on a cold winter evening... it's better than the fourth of July fireworks.

I had just picked up Gavin from daycare and when I opened the door from the garage to the house, I couldn't set him down and pick up my camera fast enough! I didn't even take time to get out the D100, I just pulled the little point & shoot out of my purse. I had to show you how much warm glowing light was filling my house!

And then I looked outside from the dining room. What a view. What a magical, spirit-lifting, sing-your-heart-out, beautiful, magnificent view.
I can't wait for spring, but I can handle a little more winter if I can get a few more sunsets like this. I think Gavin agrees.


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Most of that is coming from the geo, and 74 degree heat setting :).. CJ