Friday, January 15, 2010


Gavin recently discovered bubbles.
He likes to try to catch them with the wand or let them fall on his face.
He loves bubble baths.
The bubbles in the bath confuse him slightly... he can't see his toys under the bubbles.
When his toes poke up through the bubbles, he touches them as if they aren't his.
He's a smart boy... but bubbles are still a mystery to him.
What a fun learning experience.
Can't wait for summer when we can play outside with bubbles all day.
Maybe we'll get him one of those bubble machines.
I wonder how hard it would be to make one.
It's a fan, dishsoap, water, and a ring for the bubbles to blow through, right?
Maybe we'll just buy one.
Bubbles... oh what fun.

1 comment:

Big Sis said...

Bubbles are the cheapest fun a kid can have! And everyone loves them. Thanks for the mental pics of him in the tub trying to get his toes!