Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We took Gavin sledding on Saturday. The day after Christmas (or sometimes Christmas Eve) is the traditional hunting and ice skating day for my family. The guys and some of the kids go grouse hunting and the girls and the rest of the kids go ice skating. This year it rained on Christmas, so it was too wet to go ice skating. Instead, we took advantage of the quick cool-down to go sledding on the slick snow. This was Gavin’s first experience in a sled. Let’s just say it’s not his favorite winter activity. In fact, although the kid LOVES to be outside, he does not like bundling up one bit. He doesn’t like the wind in his face and he doesn’t like being in a sled, whether it’s moving or not and whether he’s in my lap or on his own. He just doesn’t enjoy sledding. Perhaps if it were 35 degrees and he didn’t have to wear 10 layers, he may enjoy it more. I sure had a fun time though and when Gavin had had enough, his Auntie Kristin snuggled him up in our favorite soft blankie and watched the rest of us enjoy the snowy slope! Katie & Adam, Annabelle & Lindsay, Kristin and Nathan all braved the cold and snow with us for a fun afternoon of sledding (and teeter-tottering)!


april said...

Maybe next year he'll appreciate layers AND sledding more. :)

Donna Boucher said...

How CUTE! I love those glasses! Such sweet memories!

jeanne said...

Your family couldn't be any more precious! Great pictures and blog! Jeanne :)