Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Show

Mary Poppins was wonderful! I was invited to a delicious dinner beforehand of curried potatos & dumplings on rice with garden fresh tomatoes and cilantro - yum - and the wonderful company of my good friend. After dinner, we headed out to an old favorite coffee shop for a latte and some peanut butter chocolate chunk gelato! I hadn't been in that coffee shop in at least 12 years and it looked just the same! The dixie-cup sized gelatos that we got were almost $4 each, but they sure were delicious!!! We were able to park right across the skyway from the Orpheum so we were out of the car and into our seats at the theater in a matter of just a few minutes! The show was outstanding. It had a few scenes that weren't in the movie and obviously there were som movie scenes that didn't make it into the play, but I didn't miss anything and the story was just as magical as I remembered. I do own the movie at home, and have seen it dozens of times, so the whimsical songs were familiar and fun to sing along with! I wish I could share it all with you, but it was just too magical to explain!

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