Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shed Progress

This post was actually written on Sept 24th. I'm running a little behind!

You may recall my
post about our shed from just a few weeks ago. We've been working hard on that project... and when I say "we" I mean Cliff. Well, Cliff and his Mom actually.

Cliff, Gavin and I decided on a Friday night to head into Menard's to pick up the lumber that we needed for repairing the doors, adding the decorative trim we wanted on the doors, and replacing the trim on the ends of the shed. Quality family time at Menard's, I tell ya! The next morning Cliff called his parents house to see if his Dad and Uncle had time to help him with the shed doors. They were busy, so Cliff tried to work on the doors himself. He was doing fine except you kinda need two people for this, one to hold the board and one to mark it and attach it. Without two people, it's a lot of clamping and therefor a lot of extra time is involved. I was in the house with Gavin and Cliff was trying to measure and cut the boards for the doors by himself. Pretty soon, his Mom showed up to help! Gavin and I did come outside after a bit and helped too.

Cliff continued working on the repairs that weekend and made a lot of progress. We have a few more trim boards to replace and then we'll be ready to prime and paint! Now, THAT is going to be a big job!!

Anyone feel like painting?
Are you there?
Where did everybody go?


Kristinrose24 said...

The shed is going to be so cute! Can I move in? (To your house, not your shed.) :)

Erin J said...

I hope it does turn out really cute. I think it will too! Yup, you're welcome to move in any time!