Friday, September 4, 2009

Early Morning in the Garden

The early morning air is cool enough that I need a sweatshirt
Wisely, I stepped out of my dress shoes and into my flip-flops before heading out
The grass is cold and wet with dew, leaving last night's grass clippings clinging to my feet and ankles
The air is as fresh and invigorating as the surf of the great lakes
The spicy green scent of tomato vines and cilantro dance together, awakening all of my senses
The rising sun peeking over the top of the hill to the east cast a fiery orange glow across the top of the corn field
Golden tassels glistening with the morning dew, soft and light, reflecting a welcome warmth
A few birds greet the day quietly, still nestled in, unsure if they're ready to venture out of the nest
Singing softly, occasionally, taking their turn amid the songs of the grasshoppers
A brightly colored goldfinch twitters by, perching on the thistle feeder for an early morning treat
The flesh of the tomatoes is firm, cool, and damp as I let them fall from the vine into my hand
The dew splashes off the leaves, wetting the ground below
As I pull the last prickly cucumber from it's vine, I admire the plentiful harvest piled high in my bucket
Anxious to taste the familiar freshness and savor what will only be a memory in just a few weeks
I pick up my buckets and make my way back to the house
I pause half way there and stand up straight, taking in a deep breath
Looking out over the gold-frosted cornfield, the haze in the west disappears as the sun reaches out further and further

A little prayer of thanks
I am refreshed, I am filled up, I am ready

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