Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Fun

A few weeks ago, I started a post about what we've been up to all summer. I started out by listing what I felt like we were missing this summer and then I started listing what we HAVE done. I never finished the post, but here's how it started...

July 15th has come and gone... I almost can't believe it. In my opinion, July 15th marks the middle of summer. Summer is half over. I'm normally a glass half-full kind of girl, but more and more these past few years, summer has felt like a mad rush to get everything done and winter has seemed to last forever. I love summer and I sure do miss it lately. As of this day...

- We haven't been camping
- We haven't been to the beach
- We haven't been kayaking or canoeing
- We haven't been swimming
- We haven't been outdoors in our bathing suits
- We haven't made iced tea
- We haven't eaten any garden fresh tomatos
- We haven't been to a tractor pull, a truck pull, a demolition derby, or a county fair
- We haven't added any new gardens to the yard
- We haven't built anything
- I haven't drank our Summer Shandy ...although we did enjoy mojitos thanks to Liane
- We haven't dipped our toes in the river...

So, what in the world have we been doing all summer?
- I've been to a few garage sales (thanks Cliff)
- We went to a Family Reunion in Fairmont, MN
- Went to another Family Reunion in Manchester, Iowa
- Gavin's first swim in a swimming pool (inside at a hotel)

I didn't finish the post, which is actually quite alright! Because since I wrote that, we've done so much! We took Gavin up to Breezy Point Resort where he played in the sand and the water, we made iced tea (Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea thanks to Katie & Adam), I've eaten a bunch of fresh tomatoes from the garden, made BLTs with garden-fresh lettuce and tomatoes, went to a demolition derby and a county fair, fixed up the outhouse and started working on the shed, had a bunch of electrical work done in the house, garage, and shed, I went on a trip and I even laid in the sun in my bathing suit! Turns out that a summer half over is a summer just begun!

Here are just a few pictures of what we've been up to!

Gavin's first parade and his first freezie - River Falls Days (7-10-09):

Gavin's first stay at a hotel (7-11-09). I think he liked the big soft bed!:

Gavin's first swim in a pool (at the hotel):

Gavin is the first to try out Daddy's new boat - in the garage! (7-24-09). Many hours of work and a lot of care went into the building of this boat:

Dinner on the Berggren's patio (7-31-09):

Bonfire at our house (8-1-09):

Hanging out in the yard (8-2-09):

(My sister Kristin says Gavin looks like he's "about to burst" in this photo!)
A summer walk down our road - we do this walk almost every night and see hot air balloons overhead every couple of weeks (8-4-09):

So you see, we've been having a fun-filled summer afterall!

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Emily said...

Little Gavin is too cute for words! Looks like you guys have been enjoying your summer. Next summer will be even more fun :)