Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Sight to Behold

Any person with a macro lens or even a point and shoot camera with a macro setting can capture beautiful close-up photographs of flowers. They fill calendars and cover address books. You see them everywhere. However, when they're the flowers from your own back yard, they have a special significance. You have a sense of ownership and pride. You feel blessed to be surrounded by such beauty. This is just a tiny sampling of what's blooming in my shed-side garden right now. I didn't yet capture the enormous sunflower that towers over garden, the rich purple morning glories that climb the front of the shed, the happy brown-eyed susans smiling up, or the brilliant cornflower blue of the flax and blue-eyed grass, but I managed to snap photos of the yellow Coreopsis, orange Blackberry Lily, pink Cosmo, Orange Hawkweed, and purple and white striped Mallow. Aren't they just a sight to behold?

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