Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Week in Pictures

We spent last week at Breezy Point Resort with my family. My parents have a time share there and we've been going since I was in high school. For one week in July, all 15 - 20 of us pile into a duplex on sunny Pelican Lake with the waves splashing just 30 feet from our back door. The kids lay their sleeping bags out on the floor and the grown-ups take turns enjoying a quiet night's sleep in a bedroom with a closed door. Some of us just come and enjoy the beach for a day and some of us stay all week. We average about 15 people at a time between the two cabins that we have, each with two bedrooms plus a loft. We get too much sun, too much to eat, play too many games, drink too much kool-aid (or beer), eat too many roasted marshmallows, rollerblade too far, kayak too long, ride the jet-skis and innertube too hard, stay up too late, sleep too little, and get up too early... and have a blast doing it! The sunrises over the lake are breathtaking, the call of the loons in the pre-dawn darkness is amazing, the sausage, eggs, and pancakes are a delicious treat after a rough night's sleep, the sand is warm in your toes and the lake water is crystal clear and freezing cold. The excitement in the kids animated voices as they tell you how many fish they caught is inspiring! It's amazing how far three small sunfish can go when everyone has to have a taste! What's not to love?

We kayak, swim, or boat out to Gooseberry Island to pick up Agates and other pretty rocks, chase away the seagulls, and a first this year - see the goats! We walk up to the main resort area to swim in the indoor pool or play games on rainy or too-hot days. We buy little souvenirs from the resort gift shop - Gavin got a "I'm a Keeper" fish-themed Breezy Point Resort t-shirt this year! We sit on the deck by the lake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We sit around the fire on the beach after the little kids have gone to sleep. We play hours of Scrabble, Mastermind, Skybridge, Uno, War, Set, Wizard... and we take pictures... lots and lots of pictures. Here's a little snapshot (from my point of view) of Me, Cliff, and Gavin at Breezy Point Resort... Gavin's first of many more Breezy Point trips to come.

Gavin sitting on the dock, playing games, and reading bedtime stories with Grandma and Grandpa.

Fun in the sun... Watching the waves with Mom & Dad... Loving the warmth of the sun on the dock.

Gavin discovers the wonder of the water, the fun of the sand, and that place where the two meet, softly splashing, erasing our footprints and cooling our toes.

On a Kayak trip around the peninsula and through the canal, we saw some amazing wildlife... a Loon floating in the early evening calm, a Doe and her Fawn taking a drink from the canal, and an Bittern catching dragonflies in his beak.

Gavin enjoyed spending time with the family and my friend Carrie, who always joins us for a few days of fun in the sun.

Everyone enjoyed trying out the new tube that you can sit on, lay on, or stand on! It was so much fun!


Kristinrose24 said...

Sorry I missed it! You saw a doe and her dawn?? Interesting. Thanks for sharing pics. :)

Erin J said...

Hey, I was still editing!

Dreams and Designs said...

Wow, looks liks great fun!!!! ANd wonderful photos, so so cute!!! Makes me miss the lake!