Monday, July 13, 2009

A Little Trivia...

Can you guess what these things have in common?

1. Power cord for drill
2. 'Nanking' cherry trees
3. Plastic planting pots & trays
4. Flip flops
5. Replacement line for weed wacker / trimmer
6. Electrical hookup connection for trailer
7. Baby socks
8. UPS delivery

9. Empty pop cases
10. Firewood

Hmmm... what could these 8 things have in common??? Here's another clue... I will also add... the power cord for the heated bird bath, two 'Sandcherry' or 'Cistena Plum' bushes, and plastic water bottles to that list. Do you know now?

These are all items that our big, sweet, lumbering dog Drake has chewed up and destroyed. And yet, we love him. Even Gavin loves him.

Gavin loves him a lot. Gavin sticks his head torward Drake and and closes his eyes when Drake is near, so that Drake will lick his face and then he giggles ...and we wash his face ...over and over. They're good buddies.

1 comment:

Big Sis said...

I really want to see a video of Drake giving Gavin the face cleaning. I can almost imagine it but to see the real thing would make me giggle forever. Please?