Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We have been blessed with the best friends a family could ask for. We have friends who send a "hello" card for no reason just when you need it the most, who show up with their tools when something needs to be fixed or built, cleaned-up or cleaned out... who come to celebrate with champagne and cake, and who come with meatloaf and hotdish when we're down and out... who sit up all night with us around a toasty fire, and offer to babysit when we've already been up all night and just need some rest... friends who take our minds off the stress of every day and who let us talk things through when we need to... friends who have been with us each step in our journey for almost 20 years and friends who we've met just a few years ago. Our friends are like family. We are so lucky, so blessed. Gavin is growing up in a loving family, with some of the most supportive friends. He has little buddies already, that will hopefully be his friends for years and years to come. Here are just a few of our friends who we have recent (past month) photos of...

Gavin and his 2nd cousin Hanna on the Fourth of July:

Carrie R with Gavin in late June: Auntie Joanne and Gavin at the Landsteiner Family Reunion:

Gavin and his... "2nd cousins once removed"... Samone, Courtney, and Millie:

Gavin and his Uncle Herman. Uncle Hermy is another funny one - He gives Gavin the giggles too!

Gavin with his cousins Nathan and Luke at a June bonfire at our house:

Some of "The boys" from River Falls... Cole, Brett, and Vinnie Delwiche, Stuart Murphy, and little Gavin:

Gavin and Cole enjoy a late night bonfire at Missy & Colin's:

The little boys AND the big boys:
Rita and Slone in the River Falls Days Parade - Gavin's 1st parade!!
Gavin with Me and Missy.
Just a few recent photos I thought I'd share!

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Emily said...

Erin, I love your blog entries and your pics. Your little Gavin is such a handsome man. Thanks for sharing :)