Monday, June 22, 2009

Light Up My Life

Today, I am happy. I just ordered the light I've been wanting for the last couple of years. So, why am I just getting it now? Well...

When we built our house, we bought this light (below) for our front entryway. It is beautiful. It's one of my favorite things about our house. It's solid, warm, and slightly rustic, without being too country. It's just right for our house. It is on a dimmer switch and provides a warm and welcome beacon to those entering our house.
I would have loved to furnish the whole house in this style of light. However, when we were building, this style only had two models. The 8 light chandelier pictured above, and a 9 light chandelier that was even longer and would have been great for a two-story entry or stairway. I really wanted this light in a dining room chandelier version. I looked and looked and looked. I looked for something similar. All I could find was a $60 plug-in wrought-iron chandelier that was really too small for the space, but it was going to have to work until we could find the perfect piece. I told everyone who entered our house that I just needed the lighting company to make a matching dining room chandelier or I would be stuck with the plug-in light forever! Our electrician even balked at the chandelier we were hanging over the dining room table. He had to cut the plug-in cord off the end of it to hardwire it into the house. Eek.

Then about a year later, I tried searching again to see if they had wised up and made a dining room chandelier yet! Like a dream come true, I FINALLY found this!
I drooled. I cracked open my virtual piggy bank and counted my pennies. I made a pact to save my nickels and dimes and buy myself this chandelier. I put it on my Christmas list. I got Christmas money and I marched right over to my computer and pulled up this beautiful light online and clicked "add to cart". Oh, I could already see it casting it's beautiful 'candle' light glow over my dining table. I was just a minute away from calling our electrician to schedule the installation! But, wait... what? Out of Stock? What? What do they mean it's "Out of Stock"????? When will it be back in stock? I checked every day. I checked twice a day. I called Home Depot. I looked on E-Bay, Craig's List, Bellacor discount lighting, every online lighting clearance center I could find. No one had my light. One day when I checked, there it was again... it was in stock. I quickly opened my email to retrieve my coupon code for $50 off an order of $250 or more. I got my coupon code, came back to the Home Depot website. Pulled up my light, ready to enter my coupon code and hit submit, and... Out of Stock. Who are they kidding? This can't be? The next day when I checked again, the light wasn't even on the site anymore. I couldn't find it. It was gone. It didn't come up when I searched for it, it wasn't in the sale or clearance section, it didn't come up when I browsed by the brand, the style, or the finish. I called Home Depot. I went to Home Depot. The store said it was only available online, except it wasn't online anymore. It was never coming back. Never. It was discontinued. I was never going to get my light. It does seem shallow and foolish to care so much about a light fixture. Incredibly foolish. I decided I would just have to live with what we have and maybe some day I would come across another perfect light.

Then, today, I got my weekly Home Depot email and just for kicks I searched for my light again, knowing full well that it wouldn't be there, but maybe they would have something else I would like, even thought I wouldn't like it like I like my light.

...and there it was. ...and I clicked "add to cart" and it went in my cart. I entered my coupon code, not worth $50 this time, but still worth $10. I qualified for free shipping. I clicked check out. I got a receipt. I have an order number. I need to call our electrician!!! Get your wire cutter out, you're installing my new light! ...and you'll be happy to hear that you can take down the plug-in light that you put up a year and a half ago. (I may have you hang it someplace else though - some place less conspicuous). Oh, happy day, happy light.

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kristinrose24 said...

YYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! I was surprised to see that you finally got it, since I knew that you had given up on it. I'm happy for you and your dining room. :)