Wednesday, June 24, 2009

7 Month Pictures

Always smiling! What a happy boy...

I love his '70's style brown and blue striped polo shirt, so I just had to see what these looked like in the vintage-y washed-out sepia coloring. I love this one!

This reminds me of a senior picture! You still have 18 years to go, Gavin! Way to practice early, though.

I just LOVE that dimple!

Are we finished yet, Momma?

...and finally, the AIR GUITAR! Do you suppose he'll have a garage band?


Cristin said...

fun pix of your handsome little man.


kristinrose24 said...

I ♥ him!!

Dreams and Designs said...

Ha ha, LOVE the air guitar!!! PS- Gavin made a cameo appearance on my blog today! :)