Thursday, March 12, 2009


Cliff has a new nickname for Gavin. Germinator. You can sing about it to the tune of Britney Spear's "Womanizer". Sing it with me, "Germinator, germinator, you're a germinator. Little germinator, germinator..." I mean germinator as in a carrier of an illness! This kiddo seems to have gotten EVERYONE sick, and yet, he is as healthy as can be! Let's see... here's the breakdown:

Monday 3/2 - One daycare kid throws up at daycare
Tuesday 3/3 - Another daycare kid is sick
Wednesday 3/4 - Daycare provider's daughter is sick, and Erin comes home from work sick
Thursday 3/5 - Erin stays home from work sick, Cliff's parents and Uncle watch Gavin
Friday 3/6 - Cliff's parents and Uncle watch Gavin and then get sick that night
Saturday 3/7 - Cliff's parents are still sick. Erin takes Gavin, picks up her Mom and friend Carrie and heads out to her sister Kathy's house for a visit
Sunday 3/8 - Daycare calls, daycare family has been sick all weekend. They're feeling better, but want us to know in case we don't want Gavin around the germs. Erin's Mom drives out to spend the night and then watch Gavin on Monday
Monday 3/9 - Erin's Mom goes home sick at 8:00am and Erin & Cliff take Gavin to Daycare. Erin and Cliff get 10 miles into their commute and Cliff needs to go back home - he's not feeling well. Erin calls sister Kathy to warn her of this highly contagious stomach flu and Kathy and three of the kids are all throwing up.
Tuesday 3/10 - Erin's mom is starting to feel better. Kathy & family are all still sick, including the fourth kid who wasn't sick on Tuesday. Gavin goes to daycare again.
Wednesday 3/11 - Erin's Dad goes upstairs to lay down - his stomach isn't feeling so good.
Thursday 3/12 - The jury's still out... no word yet

Moral of the story... no matter how much you love Gavin, it isn't worth it! It isn't worth seeing him, holding him, kissing him, hugging him... you might not even want to think of him. This thing is that contagious and that viscous! Think bucket, toilet, toilet, bucket, toilet, bucket and repeat. Glad you haven't seen us lately, aren't you!!!

Oh, and Gavin? He's just as healthy and happy as a clam!

P.S. that catchy little "Germinator" song at the beginning of the post? You can also sing a song to the same tune to tell your baby how fussy he is. That one goes like this, "Fussinator, fussinator, you're a fussinator. Little fussinator, fussinator, you're a fussinator." Then Cliff adds, "doo, doo, doo-yaa, doo, doo, doo-yaa" Just in case you want to tell someone all about how fussy they're being. Now you have a song.

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