Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ahhh, my nice relaxing bath

I love my bathtub. I have always loved the bathtub. I used to spend up to three hours in the bathtub when it was cold in the house and I got going on a good book. I would just turn on the hot water to warm up again after a bit if it got too cold. Often I would fall asleep and sleep in there for an hour or more. I just love a nice warm bath!

Gavin gets a bath every couple of days. He has a little baby bathtub that he has just about outgrown, but sometimes it's more efficient to hop in my tub with him than to give him his bath, then get him dried, dressed, fed, and to bed and then take my bath. Plus, it's a neat bonding time, since he really enjoys the bath and loves to "float" around in the tub with me holding his head and shoulders above the water. I get in and test the water and then Cliff undresses Gavin and hands him to me and we wash him up together and then Cliff gets him out and dries and dresses him while I finish up my bath.

So, tonight we're enjoying our warm, clean bath, floating around and splashing in the water and I start picking the lint out from the water. Gavin always has lint between his toes by the end of the day! Teasing him, I pick up some lint and say "That isn't mommy's toe lint, mommy wore black socks today!"

Then Cliff says, "That isn't Gavin's toe lint either, Gavin wore navy blue socks today."

So, where did the off-white lint come from, you ask? I pick it out and go to set it on the edge of the tub and Cliff says, "it's poop!" I looked at Gavin and teased him for pooping in my bathtub and then proceeded to tell Cliff how I was NOT going to get very clean if there was poop in my bath!!!

Cliff told me that Gavin didn't poop in my bathtub. When he handed Gavin to me and pulled off Gavin's diaper, he saw a couple of "lint balls" fall into the bathwater. Apparently they weren't lint balls. They were little rolled up, off-white colored, baby poo balls. Guess I was going to need new bath water!

There are just some things that really don't phase a person much after having a baby. Apparently baby poop in the bath water is one of them. I can think of grosser things. I will continue to hold my head up high though for the fact that I did indeed get myself some fresh clean bathwater to bathe myself in!

Next time I climb into the tub with a glass of wine and some bubbles, I'll do my best to avoid any encounters with poo.

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Dreams and Designs said...

LOL, too funny! I can say that Milie hasn't had off white colored poop ever! SHe is much more of the orange and green variety! A bath sounds gerat, maybe I'll see if she would do better if I took one with her! And she is about grown out of her little bathtub too!