Thursday, March 19, 2009

4 Month Well Baby Visit

We went to see Rita tonight for Gavin's 4 month check up and he's doing well! He is over his last little cold and is feeling good overall. He has grown an inch and a half in length and just a little over three lbs in weight in the last two months. His current measurements and percentiles on 3-19-09 are:

Height 25" (50%)

Weight 15 lbs, 5 oz (70%)

Head Circumference 42 cm (50%)

So it looks like even though we think he is really growing so fast and getting so big, he is very average on his height and head size and just a bit over average on his weight. She checked him out from head to toe and told us there were no worries. She took a look at his belly button because I was a little concerned about it. It has a hard bump inside it and is darker inside than the rest of his skin. She said that is completely normal and is called the Ligament of Treitz, which isn't actually a ligament at all. Apparently when the umbilical cord is cut, those veins inside that were carrying the nutrients through the baby begin to shrivel up and become the "ligament". She said it will likely get softer and lighter colored as he grows and I've already noticed that it isn't as hard or as dark as it was earlier.

Overall he is doing great. He is no longer sleeping for long 8-9 hour stretches at night, so we think it might be time to try to feed him a little baby cereal or even have a bottle of formula before bed. We'll have to try it and see. It's funny, but this seems like a huge transition to me and I almost feel like I need to take a few days off work to do it. I know that is silly, but we don't know how to do formula or cereal yet and I feel like it will take some trial and error. I'm just not sure I'm up for the trial while busy with work! I guess this is as good a time as any. Maybe we'll try it next week.

Developmentally, Gavin's come such a long way. I only vaguely remember the helpless little critter he was at just a few days old. He was just learning to nurse. He was all floppy and rag-doll like. His little body just curled into a ball when you tried to hold him upright. He couldn't control any of his movements and he seemed so fragile. Now he sits upright in his bebe pod seat and his walker and exersaucer. He tolerates tummy time and holds his chest up with his elbows and looks all around with his head. He laughs. He actually laughs when you blow raspberries on his belly or nibble on his toes. His smile is infectious! He's a little ham. He also arches his back and squeals when he's frustrated. When he realizes he is about to be fed, he can barely stand to wait the 5 seconds it takes to get everything situated. What was a little tiny, "Momma, I'm a little bit hungry" quickly becomes a "Feed me now, I'm starving, Can't you hear me? I'll say it louded. I'm so hungry I can't take it. Feed me now!!"

Yup, he's a growing boy! We love him to pieces! All 15 lbs and 5 oz of him!

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