Sunday, January 18, 2009


It’s Sunday morning. I am snuggled in bed with my two month old baby. Outside the window, the pure white snowflakes fall gently against the backdrop of the red garage siding, dusting the snowy landscape with a fresh layer of brightness. In the kitchen my husband is making coffee. The aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans is familiar and comforting. A big snowflake sticks to the window pane for just a moment, as if pausing to allow us a closer look, then blows off, falling to the ground. My baby yawns, his arms stretching up above his ears. He looks at me with tired eyes. He smiles sweetly, his eyelids are heavy. I hear the tsk, tsk of a whisk in a mixing bowl coming from the kitchen. He is making breakfast. My baby is asleep on my chest. Our bed is warm. The scents of maple syrup and coffee mingle as they float through the house. It is a perfect, peaceful Sunday morning.


Kristin said...

I was jolted awake with "hey, it's time to get up." My reponse of "leave me alone!" was quickly sounded. When I finally did pull myself out of bed to a house that only gets to 63 degrees at its warmest point, I put on my sweats, fleece, and slippers headed to the even colder basement. The sight I see is my sweaty husband already an hour into his bike ride. So, I change into my bike clothes, get on my bike and start my workout. Can you jealous? Oh, not of me... I'm jealous of you. But, I did get a homemade smoothie after the workout, but definitely not in bed.

Kristin said...

*Can you SAY jealous..."

Kat said...

That is a moment to be savored. Bottle it up and save it for a day when life is at its most hectic. I can smell the syrup from here!