Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grandpa Pants

A few people have suggested that Gavin sometimes looks like a tiny old man. I contribute it to his little bald head, alert eyes and fair eyebrows, and wrinkled up forehead. I could imagine how he could resemble an old man just a bit. Then, I started dressing him the other day in an outfit he hadn't quite grown into yet and man, oh man! Or should I say Man, OLD Man! Ha, ha, had to take a picture of him in these grandpa pants to share with you!!! Now all he needs is some suspenders!


Kristin said...

First, you forgot to tell me that he rolled over! Second, he kind of does look like a tiny, old man. Maybe he's Benjamin Button!! Third, I miss his little bald head and all of his chins already:(

Erin J said...

He rolled over at Mom & Dad's on the 26th. Did you leave before we did? I think you were still there, but we were in the back bedroom when he did it, so I probably didn't tell anybody. He misses you too!!