Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What wonderful coworkers we have!

Last week, our coworkers had a shower for us at the office. When we had originally talked about it, we thought they were just planning to have a casual get together - basically a reason to eat cake and hang out for a bit unrelated to work. But, they had a real, full, baby shower planned, complete with food, dessert, drinks, decorations, and gifts. Since Cliff and I work on the same floor at the same organization, we work with a lot of the same people, but we had over 20 people join us for this fun gathering. Lots of people helped out with the shower, bringing food, dessert, decorations, etc. It was really wonderful. I think I had three pieces of dessert, since of course I needed to try each one! We also went home that day with a car-load of really wonderful gifts for the baby. Who could ask for nicer coworkers???

You can log in to Snapfish to view pictures from the shower at:


Jack Stromgren said...

Hi Cliff & Erin,
Being the computer wiz that I am, I have just realized that my previous blogs never went thru. Anyway, I hope this one does.
I just wanted to wish you both the best of luck and I pray that all goes well on delivery day!
It was fun to read all the updates posted on your "baby blog"!
God Bless!! Jack Stromgren

loracekim said...

So I take it you won't need my BebePod!! : )

Erin J said...

Thank you Jack! We can't wait! I'm so glad you're reading the blog!!

Erin J said...

Hi Carol - We did get the BebePod and I was just taking inventory the other night so I could get back to you on the other things. Thanks so much!