Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home again

We're finally beginning to find some normalcy and enter the world of the wakeful again, including visiting the world wide web again.

Gavin, Erin & Cliff are all home again and trying to get used to our new schedule, or lack thereof. For the moment, Gavin is sound asleep in his swing, Daddy is taking a little well-deserved nap and Mommy is enjoying a French Vanilla Cafe and listening to baby lullabies while watching Gavin sleep and Drake (the dog) lay watchful nearby. Daddy and Gavin hung out all morning so Mommy could get some sleep.

We had a visit at home this afternoon from Jeremy, Rita, and Sloane and they even brought us lunch. Rita says Gavin is looking great. Yesterday we enjoyed the company of Carrie and Nathan, who also ran a few errands for us while they were out and about and brought us dinner. Gavin's cousin Renee also made it out yesterday afternoon for some long awaited snuggling.

We had many visitors at the hospital and helpful offers from so many of you! Thank you. I'm going to continue to share Gavin's story with you and will continue to add pictures, but right now a very soft and snuggly little boy is just too scrumptious to be sitting in a swing and not in my arms.

We're so lucky and so blessed to have this sweet angel of a baby in our lives. Thanks to all of you for all of your support and love. We're happy to share our wonderful news with you. (and more pictures soon to come).

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