Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baby Bump to Bowling Ball

I remember the days when people who knew I was pregnant would look at my belly and swear up and down that they could see the tiniest bit of a baby bump. What they didn't know was that they were actually looking at the three glazed donuts and vanilla latte I had just consumed. Actually if I had eaten three glazed donuts at that point, I would have been very sick. I think that was around the time when I didn't dare eat anything until at least one o'clock in the afternoon. Everyone thought it was "so cute" when I had a little baby bump. So, when exactly did that cute little baby bump turn into a big, heavy, bowling ball? I can't name the date, but when I tried painting my toes last night, that big old belly sure did get in the way. And as anyone who has ever had a baby has told me "You're so small! Are you really 8 months along? I was out to here (imagine hand gesture) with mine." So, I guess I am lucky that I am not "out to here" and I can still see my feet and I can even shave my own legs. Apparently that has proven difficult or impossible for other pregnant women. People I don't know are approaching me everywhere and asking when the baby is due. I guess the baby bump is no little bump anymore. Perhaps I should just wear a t-shirt with the little critter's ultrasound picture on it and a note that says, "Nov 14". I love this bowling ball I'm carrying around, but I am also looking forward to the day when I can look down again and see just a little bump (or if I'm lucky - even less than a little bump!) Until then though, keep growing baby! We've got just 4 weeks left!

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