Monday, October 20, 2008

36 Week Dr. Appointment

We are now onto weekly doctor appointments and are generally going in every Friday until the baby arrives. We saw Dr. Raverty last Friday and she said everything looks good. I have gained 4 lbs since my last appointment two weeks ago. The baby's head is still down, which is right where it should be, and the baby is still active. My blood pressure is still good and the baby's heart rate sounds good. The heart rate speeds up a bit when the baby moves and then slows back down when the baby is staying still, which is also apparently a good sign. She reminded us of things we should be watchful for and things that we should come to the hospital for. As we near our due date, and things start to change, it's good to be reminded of what is "normal" and what is more serious, as well as what signals actual labor vs. braxton hicks contractions and other symptoms or changes.

We also did a Group B Strep test to ensure that I don't pass that on to the baby during the birth. It's harmless to adults, and many women carry it, but it can be harmful to the baby. We should have the results of that in a couple of days.

Today, Cliff and I both got our flu shots. The clinic would have given me a flu shot at our appointment on Friday, but we get them free at work this week, so we went that route instead. Last year, we both got the nasal spray instead of the injection, but apparently the nasal spray is a live virus and the shot is a... unlive... um... inactive virus, and you don't want a baby around a live virus, so we both got the injection. The flu shot that I got today should also protect the baby from the flu for up to six months (and babies under 6 months old can't get the flu shot), so all three of us should be covered!

We have our hospital bags packed and the carseat in the car, so that we're ready whenever the time comes. Relatively ready, anyway. Now, we just wait for nature to step in and determine when the time is right. Any guesses on what day we'll actually deliver?


Kristin said...

It would be funny if you had a Halloween baby! But, I think it will be election day... Nov 4.

Sounds like you have all the bases covered. I wish I could be there!!!

Erin J said...

Someone JUST said the same thing about a Halloween baby! Literally moments ago. I think the baby will come the first week of November, I'm not sure about the day! I wish you were here too, but I will have Cliff videotape newborn baby and send it to you!

Erin J said...

Kristin - maybe I should offer a Le Creuset to the winner... Or perhaps I can think of something more appropriate... and less expensive! : )