Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Seems Autumn is Early

Today we are 29 1/2 weeks pregnant, which is about 6 1/2 months. We have just 2 1/2 months (or 10 1/2) weeks to go. Just a few days ago, November 14th seemed so far off, but today we awoke to cool temperatures outside and a feeling of fall in the air! It felt like we should be out picking apples, tasting wines, and carving pumpkins! Okay, so I might not be visiting the wineries this fall. Although I could still go pick the apples at Aadmodt's / St. Croix Vineyards and leave the wine-tasting to y'all! Suddenly, November seems right around the corner, and the baby reminds me each day, just how close we are! Last night I crawled in the tub to warm up before getting into bed and the baby definitely reacted to the temperature change from the cool outside air to the warm water of the tub. Baby was tumbling all around in there, letting me know that it preferred being warm to cold, I think! If it got any of my genes, it will definitely prefer the warmth of the bathtub!

When I looked outside this morning, I wondered if the birds had all left for warmer climates already. There wasn't a winged critter in sight. I was a little saddened at the thought that I may have watched the golfinches hanging from the drying sunflower heads for the last time, that I might not be able to watch the hummingbirds chase eachother around the yard, fighting over the feeders, again until next spring. That the last oriole sighting may have already passed... Then the sun came out and started warming the air. The breeze settled a bit and the heat of the day moved in... and the birds came out. Today, I have seen... a bunch of goldfinches, wrens, juncos, bluebirds, hummingbirds, and one downy woodpecker. I know many of these guys won't be here much longer and I am hopeful that with their departure will come the arrival of our snowbirds... the cardinals, chickadees, flickers, and blue jays.

The purple coneflower have lost their petals and the brown seed heads are drying out for finch food this winter. The sunflower heads hang low, the seeds maturing to feed the cardinals. The black eyed susans, mallow, and sedum are holding on, hoping for more warm days. But, it's evident that Fall is right around the corner. September will fly by as kids get back in the swing of school days, the garden produce is harvested and canned or frozen, and we gear up for our autumn traditions... October brings pumpkin carving, apple picking, hay rides, bonfires, and halloween parties. ...and November brings babies. One special baby in particular... we can't wait!

P.S. Glucose test was normal. No sign of Gestational Diabetes. Yay!


Kristin said...

And the winter will fly by, with your time spent with baby... soon it will be spring again!

rutzie said...

It seems like we went from summer to fall in a matter of hours. I know that fall to you means delivery day but I'm not quite ready for summer to end yet. Everything will be so different with a baby around. Different yet fun and exciting