Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Hospital, Our Community

Many people are now asking the question, "Where will you deliver your baby?" A few are surprised when I tell them we'll be delivering at the River Falls hospital, which is just 6 miles from our house. They've asked why we wouldn't want to go to a bigger hospital. Many other people immediately understand our wish to deliver at River Falls. There are several reasons, but they all sum up to one word... Community. Communities come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, but the communities that make me feel the most comfortable are the ones that are relatively small, open, and friendly. I like going into a favorite restaurant and hearing the staff greet me by name. I love seeing people at church or the coffee shop that are also in our Harley Owners Group. Seeing "neigbors" at auctions, weddings, etc. creates a sense of community, a feeling of belonging and mutual understanding. I know that I am never alone, and that's comforting to me. I am happy to open my doors and my self to those around me from whom I may some day need support. And I hope that in the interim I can support them in their daily lives as well. I feel that truly belonging to a community, whether it is a geographical community or otherwise, makes you accountable to that community and the rest of the community accountable to you. After all, if you're a doctor or a nurse and you know that you may see your patient in town next week, it seems you may feel more accountable to provide the best possible care than if you think you may never see your patient again. Maybe that's not true, but either way, I am so glad to belong to the community of River Falls and am so happy with the wonderful, caring friends, neigbors, and care providers surrounding us.
Let me introduce you to the Birth Center at River Falls Area Hospital.
We begin our Childbirth Preparation classes next week. Here's what we're going to learn...

Childbirth Preparation
Basic Labor:
Choices to make before labor, signs of labor, signs of danger, potential labor interventions and cesarean sections.
Comfort Measures: Topics covered include nonmedication comfort techniques, conditioning exercises, birth balls, positioning and movement and coping mechanisms. Also covered are labor medications available at River Falls Area Hospital, including intrathecal and epidural.
After the Baby: Initial recovery time for both mom and baby is discussed. Baby-specific topics include general care, feeding, security, circumcision, jaundice, bathing, back to sleep and comforting. Mother-specific topics are postpartum depression and after-delivery recovery through the first 6 weeks.

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Kristin said...

I agree with your idea of community. It kind of makes you feel like you're in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood... speedy delivery! hehe