Thursday, June 5, 2008

17-Week Update

All is well at this week's Dr. Appt (Thursday 6/5). Baby's heartbeat is 160/60, which is just right for 17 weeks. When we heard the heartbeat, I couldn't stop giggling. Rita was moving the thing around on my belly trying to find the heartbeat and all of a sudden it was so loud, "wssshhh-wssshhh-wssshhh-wssshhh-wssshhh-wssshhh..." I just started giggling, which of course then echoed through the speaker thing and made me giggle even more!

My health is good, I'm feeling great, and Rita said we still don't need to worry that I'm not gaining weight yet. By my next appt at the end of June I should start gaining a little. I'm eating much more than I was early on, so I'm sure I will have no trouble! We'll also have an ultrasound at the next appt., so we'll know how big the baby is then as well. Right now it's supposedly 6" long, and although it's still tucked snugly in there, my belly is starting to show, which you can see in the silly photo attached. I've just started feeling a few little taps from the inside, which is kind of neat, but I know that movement will increase quite a bit in the next few weeks. As the baby grows and the little kicks get stronger, I'm sure I'll wish it would settle down. For now though, I love feeling that movement!

None of the family medical history is of great concern, and I'm continuing to take the low-dose aspirin for the Factor V Leiden. We decided not to do any of the screenings or tests for abnormalities or other complications, so we're just praying for a healthy baby and letting God do his work. All of the lab work done on me at the last visit was normal, so we're on track for an easy, healthy pregnancy and hopefully healthy baby as well.

Will share update after next appt. and maybe also share the ultrasound picture if we get a good one. Thanks for reading my novel of an update!

Oh! Rita will be on maternity leave from mid-July until the end of September or shortly after, so we will likely be seeing Dr. Hallman during her absence. Of course, I might tap into her expertise a bit anyway while she's out, since I'm sure we'll probably be spending more time over there snuggling their baby girl! : )

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