Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today, Cliff and I found out that we were pregnant!!! I decided to take a pregnancy test this morning just to make sure I wasn't pregnant since I had plans to go out to listen to a band at a bar. We had been hoping to get pregnant for a while, but hadn't really paid much attention this month, so I didn't think we were. The test showed two pink lines! One was darker and thicker than the other, but I didn't have the box or instructions for the test, so I wasn't sure what that meant. I brought the test down to Cliff to show him and said, "What do you think this means?" Cliff said "We're going to have a baby?" Neither of us were sure what to think or what to do. We got on the internet and went to the First Response pregnancy test website to look up the instructions. After reading the instructions and seeing which line was the pregnancy indicator line and which was the line that just means the test is working, we were sure that we were pregnant. Just then, Kathy called and said she was considering coming over that day. I was sure Kathy had some inkling, some sixth sense, that made her want to come over. I really wanted to tell her, but I didn't. Cliff had plans to have the guys over for Poker that night (for his birthday). Neither of us told anyone that day! We kept it a secret!

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